Community Resources

Like many families in Calgary, your family might be experiencing challenges. If you get help early on, you can increase your ability to stay housed and decrease the possibility of a housing crisis in the future. Here are some of the community resources in Calgary that can help.

Loss of Income

Alberta Support Contact Centre: Alberta Works: apply for money to pay for basic expenses like food, clothing, and shelter.

Alberta Job Corps: find paid training and work experience if you have had difficulty finding or keeping a job.

Alberta Workers Resource Centre: assists with employment claims and complaints.

Employment Insurance: temporary benefits for workers; sickness and parental leave.

Free Tax clinic information: tax clinics available to Calgarians.

"Resources for You" Sheet: Loss of Income (printable pdf)


Money Mentors: classes and help with credit counselling, financial guidance, budgeting bankruptcy, debt counselling.

Momentum: programs to help you manage your money, financial guidance, budgeting, business start-up, for any income level.

Distress Centre: free crisis counselling and connection to social and community services.

 "Resources for You" Sheet: Budgeting Issues (printable pdf) 

Eviction or Utility Cut-Off

Alberta Works: Emergency Needs Allowance: support with eviction notices, utility disconnection notices, and damage deposits.

Distress Centre: Basic Needs Fund: help with a basic need or unusual one-time cost.

Sunrise Community Link Resource Centre: support with eviction notices, utility disconnection notices, and damage deposits for funded communities in East Calgary area only.

BowWest Community Resource Centre: Basic Needs Fund: support with eviction notices, utility disconnection notices, and damage deposits for funded communities in North West Calgary area only.

Aspen Home Stay Program: Families can get one-time support with an eviction notice, utility disconnection notice, or damage deposits.

Children's Cottage HomeBridge Program; Families can get one-time support with an eviction notice, utility disconnection notice, or damage deposits.

"Resources for You" Sheet: Eviction or Utility Cut Off (printable pdf)

Mental Health or Addictions Concerns

Canadian Mental Health Association: supports individuals and families with mental health or addictions concerns.

Alberta Health Service: Access Mental Health: offers mental health and addictions support.

Distress Centre: a crisis line if you are experiencing a crisis and need someone to talk to.

Sheldon M. Chumir: Mental Health Urgent Care: offers care if you are experiencing a mental health crisis.

Adult Addictions Services Canada; individuals and families with alcohol, drug, tobacco and gambling problems. Treatment for anyone over 18.

"Resources for You" Sheet: Mental Health or Addictions (printable pdf)

Change in Size of Family

Salvation Army Community Support Services and Salvation Army Barbara Mitchell Family Resource Centre: help with infant essentials food,and employment support; offers workshops and family activities.

Children's Cottage Society Crisis Nursery: provides up to 72 hours of emergency care for your children (aged newborn to 8 years) if your family is in crisis.

Calgary Inter-Faith Furniture Society: offers gently used furniture, clothing, or small household goods.

DI Donations Centre: offers gently used furniture, clothing, or small household goods.

Parent Links: free parenting and play programs.

Women In Need Society: offers gently used furniture, clothing, or small household goods.

Calgary Food Bank: offers food hampers; maximum of 7 hampers every 12 months.

"Resources for You" Sheet: Change in Size of Family  (printable pdf)

Illegal Eviction

Calgary Legal Guidance: Free and confidential legal advice, information, and referrals.

Dial-A-Law: free legal information on 140 topics including eviction and landlord issues.

Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Services (RTDRS): assistance to resolve landlord-tenant disputes.

"Resources for You" Sheet: Illegal Eviction (printable pdf)

Affordable Housing

Calgary Housing Company: support with obtaining affordable housing

Horizon Housing: connects people experiencing various challenges with affordable housing support.

Accessible Housing Calgary: helps with affordable housing for individuals with accessibility needs.

Metis Housing: Metis Capital Housing Corporation: helps with affordable housing needs for Indigenous and Metis.

Treaty 7: Urban Indian Housing Authority: helps with affordable housing needs for Indigenous inurban areas with low to moderate income.

"Resources for You" Sheet: Affordable Housing (printable pdf)

Food or Groceries

Calgary Food Bank: food hampers: you can get a maximum of 7 hampers every 12 months.

Community Kitchen Program of Calgary: helps families learn how to prepare nutritious meals, helps with budgeting for groceries, provides affordable nutritious ,meals.

Alex Community Food Centre: provides drop-in community meals, affordable produce market, healthy eating and cooking education.

There are many additional emergency food resources in Calgary. Check this list of resources.

"Resources for You: Sheet: Food or Groceries (printable pdf)

Resources for Indigenous Traditional Wellness

Aboriginal Friendship Centre of Calgary: housing, cultural and education events, outreach, Cultural Reconnection Program.

Metis Calgary Family Services: community-based services that are culturally specific for urban aboriginal community, Parent Link Centre, Little Sundance early Learning Centre.

Awo Taan Healting Lodge: family and parenting support, crisis intervention, emergency shelter.

Elbow River Healing Lodge: medical clinic offering a variety of physical and mental health supports for all family members traditional wellness and health (spiritual, cultural, and ceremonial supports), social resource referral and advocacy.

"Resources for You" Sheet: Indigenous Traditional Wellness (printable pdf)

Resources for Newcomers to Canada

Calgary Immigrant Women's Association (CIWA): mother's programming, tax clinics, in-home support, counselling, youth programs, settlement and integration, language training, literacy, emergency housing, computer training programs.

Immigrant Services Canada: settlement and integration support, English testing and education, translation and interpretation services, career and employment support, family support and counselling, youth and seniors community supports.

Calgary Catholic Immigration Services: services for families, babies and children, professionals and job seekers, refugees, seniors, temporary foreign workers, youth,

Centre for Newcomers: English language programs, settlement and integration, career development and job search, youth programs, peer mentorship, GLBTQ2S + newcomer settlement.

"Resources for You" Sheet: Newcomers to Canada (printable pdf)