For Professionals

Helping Families Stay Housed: A Toolkit

Helping Families Stay House: A Toolkit is designed to help community professionals assist families before they become at risk of being homeless.The toolkit will help community professionals:

  • identify risk factors that could lead to homelessness
  • understand what their role can be in supporting families at risk of homelessness
  • provide capacity for them to help families develop a plan
  • be aware of the information and resources available so that they can connect families to the most appropriate resource

Helping Families Stay Housed: A Toolkit is a collaboration of the Children's Cottage Society and Aspen Family and Community Network Society and is funded by the Calgary Homeless Foundation under the Homelessness Prevention and Diversion Initiative.

Helping Families Stay Housed: A Toolkit (pdf)

My Plan (planning worksheets) (pdf)

"Resources for You" Sheets

Information about help that is available in Calgary for families at risk of homelessness on a range of topics. These sheets can be used by families and those who might be helping them.

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets are available that provide background information on topics related to homelessness prevention.


Workshops are available based on Helping Families Stay Housed: A Toolkit. We welcome the opportunity to provide training for anyone who is interested in supporting Calgary families including social service agencies, community resource centre staff, teachers and other education professionals, social workers and educators in training, community groups, and others.

  • workshops are available to help those working with families to identify and respond to factors that put a family at risk of homelessness.
  • workshops are based on Helping Families Stay Housed: A Toolkit and are custom-designed.

For more information call Faiza at 403-370-6919.

Homelessness Prevention Resources

Additional resources on homelessness prevention that may be of interest to professionals can be found here. If you would like your resource listed, please contact us.