Get Started

If you want to increase your family's housing stability, HomeBridge can help.

There are many community resources in Calgary that help families stay housed. But sometimes it is difficult to know which resource is right for you.

HomeBridge is here to help connect you to the right resource for your family.

How to  connect to resources

1. Identify Your Family's Challenges

Your family might be experiencing challenges like those listed below. If you get help early on, you can increase your ability to stay housed.

Click on a challenge to find out what community resources can help. 


2. Browse Resources

 Click on Community Resources to browse resources.

3. Use the Resource Self-Assessment

 The Self-Assessment is still under development.

4. Get Help from a HomeBridge Housing Coach

A HomeBridge Housing Coach can help you get connected to the right community resources. To contact a Housing Coach, call us at 403-242-8575 ext. 230.